Product Engineering Services

End-to-End Software Product Development, Modernization and Management

Build Innovative and Market Winning Software Products Faster

To thrive in today's market, software companies must align with evolving customer expectations by updating their portfolio and embracing new technologies. Integration of cutting-edge technology ensures they stay ahead, building resilient businesses that endure over time, setting the stage for profitability and sustainability.

Sreeb Technologies offers software product engineering services to drive innovation, accelerate development, and expand into new markets while reducing costs. Our ACT approach—Agile, Comprehensive, and Time-Tested—ensures agility and responsiveness to market dynamics. Regardless of size or industry, our strategies balance product specifications, timelines, and budgets to deliver value and adapt to evolving customer demands.

Our Offerings

Revolutionize your software portfolios with our cutting-edge product engineering services.

Product Engineering Consulting

We evaluate the best-suited technology stack through product architecture reviews and modernization options, supported by our Center of Excellence, to create a strategic roadmap. Our end-to-end assessment includes establishing customer-specific innovation labs and providing consultancy on new-age technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning.

Product Development

We offer a comprehensive product cycle, beginning with conceptual development, documenting specifications and requirements, crafting engineering designs for enhancements, and progressing to product development using relevant technologies.

Mobile Product Development

Leverage our enterprise and user-facing mobile products to enable seamless platform switching and connectivity across devices, ensuring a superior user experience and driving better outcomes. Our proprietary wireframes, RAPADIT, offer a time-tested foundation, customizable on-demand to meet specific requirements.

Product Modernization

We employ cutting-edge technology to re-engineer and revitalize existing portfolios, ensuring they keep pace with innovation. Our services include modernizing software and platforms to deliver enhanced digital experiences through technology upgrades, UX rejuvenation, architecture modernization, analytics enablement, and more.

Product Testing

We conduct thorough testing, including functional (manual/automated), integration, performance, mobile app, compatibility, security, and graphic user interface (GUI) testing, before launching the product in the market.

Product Support and Maintenance

Our expert maintenance services rejuvenate portfolios with a range of offerings including product support services, product sustenance engineering, and product rationalization. We ensure the software environment, user experience, revenue, and efficiency are maintained at optimal levels.

Our Product Engineering Expertise

We specialize in crafting futuristic products tailored to diverse industries, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative design principles to drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Start Ups

We serve forward-thinking enterprises by assisting in product ideation and developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) as their trusted technology partner, facilitating their journey towards innovation and market success.


We empower FinTech companies to develop and modernize their enterprise and user-facing products, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers through innovative technology solutions.


We assist the HealthTech industry in enhancing their capabilities to provide better and easier patient treatment through functionally accurate and future-ready healthcare software products, advancing the standard of care and patient outcomes.


We aid EdTech giants in modernizing their existing portfolios and developing new products by employing the perfect blend of technologies, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve and deliver impactful educational solutions.


We uphold strict Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and transparent policies to safeguard your ideas and projects, ensuring they remain protected, secure, and successful throughout our collaboration.

Functional Assurance

We conduct comprehensive Quality Assurance (QA) and testing, involving multiple rounds of rigorous trials to ensure every function performs as required, guaranteeing a seamless and error-free user experience.

Business Benefits

Harness the Power of the Cloud for an Unprecedented Experience

Faster Time-To-Market

We expedite the deployment of products with new features and functionalities to the market, ensuring swift adaptation to evolving consumer needs and staying ahead of the competition.

Improved Productivity

Attain a high level of automation in business operations, enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes for optimized performance.

Cost Efficiency

Upgrade your portfolio without the need to upgrade your internal engineering team, leveraging our expertise and resources to implement enhancements seamlessly.

Newer Opportunities

Embrace emerging trends and technologies to explore new avenues and seize fresh opportunities for growth and innovation.

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