Contract Staffing

Bridge the Skills Gap with Our Contract Staffing Solutions

We provide reliable Contract staffing solutions, allowing you to meet staffing needs without full-time employment commitments. Our services help alleviate employee workload during busy periods, ensuring smooth business operations. As one of the most reputable Contract staffing service providers in the USA & India, we ensure quality and efficiency in meeting your temporary staffing requirements.

We provide cost-effective and highly efficient Contract staffing services to organizations that may lack the necessary infrastructure and resources for such functions. Our well-established recruitment model and workflow allow us to identify the ideal candidates for your company. With a nationwide professional network, we have access to an extensive pool of potential candidates. Leveraging our experience, we thoroughly screen profiles and select the most qualified among them.

Our Services in Contract Staffing

Unburden the Admin

In both the USA and India, companies must adhere to various regulations, including minimum wage, gratuity, ESIC, and PF, among others. We alleviate administrative burdens by serving as a central hub for all contract staffing needs, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Effective Leasing

Our contract staffing service operates by transitioning employees from a company to our employee leasing services' payroll, and subsequently assigning them back to the company on a contractual basis. This arrangement makes us the legal employer, enabling us to manage all the legal and financial aspects on behalf of your employees indirectly.

Hiring Process

We adhere to a comprehensive screening process before selecting any candidate. Initially, we ensure that the skill sets align perfectly with the requirements. Subsequently, candidates undergo several interview rounds, including an assignment, evaluation of problem-solving abilities, assessment of domain knowledge, examination of programming skill sets, and finally, an HR interview. Following this rigorous filtration, you can be assured that we will provide you with the best candidate.

Bench Strength

With our substantial bench strength, we can readily provide resources to meet your needs, even across various technology requirements concurrently.

A large pool of resources

Our HR team tirelessly scouts for talented and diligent candidates in the market. We maintain a large pool of resources, enabling us to deploy individuals to your project or even build an entire team as needed.

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