Permanent Staffing

Permanent Staffing Solutions

We offer tailored Permanent Staffing Solutions designed to meet the permanent staffing requirements of our clients.

We understand that each organization and industry is unique. Finding the perfect match for your organization can be challenging. That's why having a partner who understands your specific needs and the intricacies of your business and industry is crucial. We help bridge this gap by collaborating with you to identify the ideal fit for your organization.

Throughout our history, we've partnered with organizations of all sizes to address their diverse permanent staffing needs, spanning senior management, middle management, and junior-level positions. Our expertise extends to managing specialized skill gaps and handling extensive recruitment needs at various levels for a wide range of business entities.

OptiFit Methodology

As HR partners, we utilize a straightforward yet highly effective assessment approach called OptiFit. This methodology allows us to thoroughly evaluate your organizational structure and identify the best possible fit. OptiFit provides profound insights into your specific requirements, aiding in the assessment of the ideal talent for the job.

Our team consists of seasoned experts who, once they understand your needs, search for candidates within our extensive talent pool. These candidates undergo our OptiFit evaluation before being presented to you, ensuring they meet your requirements and are the best fit for your organization.

We are committed to ensuring that our methodology delivers the most suitable match for your organization, ultimately enhancing the quality of recruitment. This approach can lead to improved retention rates, enhanced business productivity, and reduced hiring costs, benefiting your organization in the long term.

Sreeb Technologies Staffing Advantage

Recruitment Project Cycle

At Sreeb Technologies Services Staffing, we treat every task as a new project, following a process similar to a typical project management cycle consisting of four distinct stages: INITIATE – PLAN – EXECUTE – CLOSURE.

This methodology has led to enhanced outcomes for our clients and has established an assessment system that promotes ongoing improvements through insights gained from any deviations in past projects.

Our Value Proposition and Strengths


Our staff comprises consultants and industry experts with profound insights into the field, possessing expertise in essential skills and the appropriate attitude to effectively manage your staffing needs.


Our well-structured process, developed over time, can be tailored and integrated with your processes to ensure seamless alignment in fulfilling your staffing needs.

Project Management

We view each assignment as a distinct project, applying the entire project management life cycle, including initiation, planning, execution, and closure. This approach ensures that our project deliverables can be evaluated by our clients based on parameters such as timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and quality.

Use of Technology

We've streamlined the entire recruitment process using technology, increasing our efficiency by 45%. This shift enables our team to focus on fulfilling your manpower needs instead of getting bogged down by routine recruitment tasks.

Industry Expertise

Every business and industry is unique, each with its own complexities. Our extensive experience collaborating with diverse clients across various sectors has equipped us with a deep understanding of different businesses and specific industries. When entering new industry domains, our accelerated learning curve ensures we swiftly develop the necessary capabilities, making us agile and efficient in delivering tailored solutions.

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