Building Data Hub for a Financial Services Client

Client and Business Goals

The client is a Colorado-based financial services company. Client wanted to migrate their 2 existing portals.For one portal, existing database migration is from Mongo DB to SQL Server 2017. They also want to add some new functionalities to the application.

This involves redesigning the SQL Server data model from the existing Mongo DB data model, by adding relationships among tables.

For other portal, existing database migration is from Oracle RightNow to SQL Server 2017 & application migration is from PHP to Angular JS & Node JS. They also want to add some new functionalities in the application.

This involves creation of SQL Server data model from existing Oracle RightNow (ORN) data model, by aligning relationships among tables in sync with ORN.

Solution Description

For the first portal migration, we first did a data model change and translated all MongoDB calls in the application (backend Node Js code) and replaced all such calls with SQL Server stored procedure calls and migrated existing data into Production.

We created Selenium automation (using a Hybrid framework) scripts for testing the entire functionality in the QA environment. We also integrated test scripts with Jenkins for continuous deployment.

For the other portal migration, The database is recreated in SQL Server by aligning to existing data model in ORN. Application code was migrated from PHP to Angular JS including new UI development and The addition of support to other devices.

We then created data migration scripts using Node JS CRON jobs and SQL procedures (combinedly) and finally migrated production data from ORN to SQL server.

Applied Technologies

Angular, Node JS, Twig templates, Express JS, Jade, JavaScript, PHP, Slim framework, Cake PHP, Docker, SQL Server, Oracle RightNow, Selenium (with Hybrid framework), Rest Assured framework for API testing, Jenkins.

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