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Automation Testing

Test Automation is not anymore a NEED-TO-HAVE rather it is a MUST-TO-HAVE.

Test Automation is not anymore a “need-to-have” rather it is a “must to-have”. For an uncompromising software quality in Agile and Devops development environments, testing should be done at a rapid pace and test automation enables that with improved efficiency.
Web services testing solution helps you to identify whether your application interacts and accesses functions accurately from the Web by using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Testing web services is one of the quicker ways of identifying any integration, regression and functional bugs before UI testing starts and interoperability testing to isolate potential interoperability. issues and optimize integration effort.

Benefits of Automation Testing:

Selenium Test Automation

In the domain of Test Automation, Selenium has a greater dominance for web application test automation. Sreebtech has an extensive experience in leveraging Selenium to automate tests for web and mobile application testing. With this experience, we have built Selenium Test Automation knowledge repository to deliver all the benefits, where an organization can avail with Selenium.

Benefits of Selenium Automation Testing: